Hejeni Hesenkuni (赫真语辞典). 2010.

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  • encu — Acronym for equivalent normal child unit, that amount of information from any source (linkage analysis, parental, and collateral phenotypes, biochemistry of the carrier state, etc.) that will have the same impact on the probability as one usual… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Nkuwu a Ntinu of Kongo — Nkuwu a Ntinu (Portuguese: Encu a Motino) was the fourth manikongo of the Kingdom of Kongo and reigned during the mid 15th century. Background Manikongo Nkuwu a Ntinu was the son of the Kongo s founder, Lukeni lua Nimi. Little is known about him… …   Wikipedia

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  • ensu — Acronym for equivalent normal son unit, that amount of information from any source (linkage, carrier, phenotype, etc.) that will have the same impact on the conditional probability that a female consultand is a carrier for an X linked trait as… …   Medical dictionary

  • Nkuwu a Ntinu del Congo — Nkuwu a Ntinu (transcrito en portugués como Encu a Motino) fue el tercer o cuarto manicongo del Reino del Congo, reinando en la segunda mitad del siglo XV, hasta 1470. Trasfondo El manicongo Nkuwu a Ntinu era hijo de Lukeni lua Nimi, a quien se… …   Wikipedia Español

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